XDX Charts features

XDX Charts is a DevExpress VCL components extension regarding creation of diagrams. The provided component will allow you to quickly and conveniently add the charts to your application and connect them to your data sources. This product represents a visual component and an operation component with data sources.

  • Free for DevExpress VCL Customers
    If you own the DevExpress VCL license, you can use the latest XDX Charts components version absolutely for free (but without sources).
  • DevExpress Controls Descendant
    It is easy for you to deal with XDX Charts and use it if you are a DevExpress VCL customer.
  • Easy to Customize
    XDX Charts has an embedded customization popup menu to easily access required properties.
  • Support for Variety Data Sources
    XDX Charts supports both DB and unbound data.
  • Data Grouping
    XDX Charts allows you to set grouping criteria to extract series data.
  • Independent Data Series
    XDX Charts is able to display data from multiple data sources.
  • Built-in Analizer Formulas
    XDX Charts allows you to build a graph of any function.
  • ExpressSpreadSheet support
    XDX Charts allows you to build a graph from data from cxSpreadSheet.
  • ExpressPrinting System support
    XDX Charts allows you to print a graph via supplied xdxChart Report Link for ExpressPrinting System.

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